30% Charity Give Back Program

PlateDisc™ has introduced a “Charity Program” for those Charities, Retailers, Corporations or other groups that want to support a particular charity.  What PlateDisc™ will commit to do is give back 10% of your gross order to the charity of your choice in your companies’ name.  By purchasing your customized PlateDisc™ with the charity or message that you are supporting, it will allow you to get your message out to the public as well as giving back to that charity.  How the program works is that once PlateDisc™ receives and ships out your product we will release a check for 10% of the gross order in your companies name and the only thing we require is that the charity is a designated 501C3 charity. 

For more information, please contact PlateDisc™ at charity@platedisc.com.