Yes, you can customize your Plate Disc or contact us at the address on the contact us page.

Plate is a 95% made of HIPS plastic which is safe for the environment and can be recycled. The other 5% is the waterproof double sided tape and UV printing materials.

Plate Disc snaps on to the license plate holder and can be secured in place by using the double sided tape.

Yes, Plate Disc is weather proof and can be exposed to sunlight, rain, snow and other outside weather conditions.

We use UV printing to print out the Discs and this should last 2-3 years before fading or having to replace.

Make sure you clean the surface first and the remove the backing of the double sided tape and press firmly on the Plate Disc and license plate holder.

Plate Disc will fit on most cars and motorcycles. It is recommend that you use the mini plate disc for motorcycles and the large Disc for cars.  However both can be used on any of these vehicles.

Make sure if you used the double sided tape to loosen that first, then simply click the Plate Disc off of your license plate frame.