What is a Plate Disc?

Plate Disc is an HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene) plastic that replaces a bumper sticker or advertising magnet.  Plate Disc will provide a clean way to allow consumers to communicate their message.  Without damaging or scratching their vehicles.  Most car bumpers are no longer made of metal which will not allow magnets to be placed on the car.  Dealerships place their own license plate frames on all of their cars.  Plate Disc will fit most, if not all of these plate frames.  Unlike bumper stickers or magnets, by customizing your Plate Disc you can interact and reach out to the masses.

Plate Discs can be used for many things, not just advertising your logo or promoting your brand. You can also show your support to your favorite charities, sports teams, schools, future honor roll students, or just whatever you believe in. Your imagination is your playground.